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Model 3110 Hybrid Single Site Test Handler
Model 3110 Hybrid Single Site Test Handler
Key Features
  • Combination Final Test & System Level Test Handler (2-in-1 System)
  • Perfect for device engineering characterization gathering and analysis
  • Supports Remote Control Function
  • Auto tray load / unload & device sorting capability
  • Tester zero waiting time
  • Maximize Test Socket lifetime
  • Air damper for excellent contact balance
  • Anti-double stack feature
  • Camera for real time system monitoring
  • Tri-temp IC test function (optional)
  • High power cooling function (optional)
  • Diskless download function (optional)



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Product Details

The Chroma 3110 is a single site pick & place IC handler which supports various types of package such as QFP, QFN, TSOP, BGA, μBGA and CSP, etc. The handler uses P & P technology to pick up devices from JEDEC trays, move them to the test site. The 3110 consists system level tests that are designed to fully exercise programs as a whole and check all integrated elements function properly. It is capable to handle tri-temperature test environment since ambient to thermal or low temperature.

In addition to the capability of handling 3x3mm to 55x55mm devices, the machine is equipped with 1 auto stacks and 2 manual bin plates to maximize the loading and unloading capacity. It features a user-friendly graphic user interface based on Windows system and also provides interfaces for docking with various testers.


Chroma Thermal Control Solutions




Tri-temp Control

  • Temperature accuracy : ± 1 °C
  • Device temperature feedback
  • (Thermocouple/RTD/Thermistor)
  • PID Ramp Control (with auto-tuning capability)
  • PWM TE Power Control
  • Die Cushion (Dual Force) Control
  • Modularized dry air chamber
  • Water chiller
  • Dry air supplier

Closed-loop Active Thermal Control (ATC) Module

  • Temperature accuracy : ± 1 °C
  • All in one attached on test arm
  • Device temperature feedback
  • PID Ramp Control (with auto-tuning capability)
  • PWM TE Power Control
  • Die Cushion (Dual Force) Control
  • Closed-loop cooling system (no external piping)
  • Chamber-less

Unity PTC (Passive Thermal Control)

  • Temperature range : < 85 °C (up to 300W dissipation)
  • Closed-loop cooling system (no external piping)
  • All in one attached on test arm
  • Die Cushion (Dual Force) Control
  • Neither water chiller nor dry air supplier

Cooling Pipe

  • Temperature range : < 85 °C (up to 125W heat dissipation)
  • Compressed air from test plant. air : 0.7MPa, 70 LPM
  • Die Cushion (Dual Force) Control
  • Change KIT alike
  • Neither water chiller nor dry air supplier
 Model    3110  
 Dimensions and Weight   Dimensions : 900 mm (W) by 1250mm (D) by 1800 mm (H) (Signal Tower excluded)
Net Weight: 500kg
 Power Requirement   Power Supply : AC 220V, 50/60 Hz Single-phase
Maximum Power Consumption : 3.0KVA Max
Controller Circuit: 1.0 KVA Max.
Heater Circuit : 2.0 KVA (Option)
 Compressed Air   Dry Air of 5.0 kg/cm2 ( 0.49 Mpa ) or higher, constant supply
  Applicable Device   Type : BGA series, μBGA, QFP series, QFN, Flip-Chip, TSOP
Outer dimensions : 3 mm x 3 mm to 55 mm x 55 mm
Depth : 0.5 mm to 5 mm
Lead / Ball pitch : 0.4 mm / 0.5 mm and above
Tester Interface Standard RS-232,TCP/IP, Optional GPIB and TTL
Jam Rate 1 / 3000
Categories Categories 3 Categories (128 bin signals for RS232)
Contact Force 50 kgf ( Accuracy ±1kgf )
125Kgf (Option)
 Temperature   Operating Mode : Ambient
High Temperature (Option)
Operating Mode: 40°C~ 125°C* (Heating Time: within 30 min.)
Accuracy : Contact Head ± 3°C, Pre-heater ± 5°C
Tri Temp Control (Option) Temperature Range : -40 ~ 135°C ± 1°C (150°C Optional)
ATC Module (Option) Temperature Range : Ambient ~ 135°C ± 1°C (150°C Optional)
Unity PTC (Option) Temperature Range : Room ~ 85°C (up to 300W Heat Dissipation)
Cooling Pipe (Option) Temperature Range : Room ~ 85°C (up to 125W Heat Dissipation)
Advantage Universal kit design
ECD function (Easy-edit communication define)
On-Fly RC
Contact pick and place system
Yield control (Average yield of socket)
Continue Fail

Remote Control
CCD camera for device orientation detection
Rotation (± 90 degree)
Auto Load / Unload : 1Input/2Unload (with 2 manual unload)
Fixed Load / Unload : 1 Input / 4 Unload
Trestle: 110cm

All specifications are subject to change without notice.

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