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Model 3160 Final Test Handler
Model 3110 Hybrid Single Site Test Handler   Key Features
  • Flexible DUT Configuration
  • Adjustable P&P Interval
  • Air damper buffer to reduce contact force impact
  • Intelligent socket IC leftover check
  • Auto Contact Force Learning
  • Color Tray Mode availability
  • Yield Monitor (per contact dead)
  • Yield Control (average yield rate of socket)
  • Compatible change kits with NS-5000 / 6000 / 6040
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Product Details

The Chroma 3160 Handler is a productive pick & place system for high volume multi-site IC testing. Saving floor space, time, and cost, the 3160 can increase production productivity and efficiency with its innovative design. The system is congurable for Single, Dual or Quad test sites and can be upgraded to provide an Active Thermal Control (ATC) System to test the DUT up to 150°C.

The Chroma 3160 is also capable of handling various package sizes and types then bins them according to customer specied test results. The system has a reliable handling mechanism, is compatible with standard Conversion Kits and has a streamlined automation sequence, which results in high throughput with low jam rate. Its precisely adjustable contact force, fine alignment positioning and various device sensors also reduces unexpected device damage and helps extend test socket lifetime while maintaining or increasing production yields.


  In-Line Testing
In-Line Test Site


 Model    3160  
 Dimensions   1,700 mm (W) x 1,300 mm (D) x 2,000 mm (H)
Weight Approx. 900 kg
Facility Power Source : AC220, 50 / 60Hz Single Phase, 10KVA Max.
Compressed Air : 0.5MPa or more (dry & clean air), Consumption 120l/min, constant supply
  Applicable Device   Package Carried on Type : BGA, QFP, CSP, PLCC, TSOP, PGA and etc.
Package Size : 3 mm x 3 mm to 50 mm x 50 mm
Contact Mode Direct Contact / Drop and Press
Interface TTL
RS232 / GPIB (Option)
Multiple Site 4 sites (1 x 4 pitch X =40mm)
Site Pitch : Dual sites 80mm / Quad sites 40mm by in-line
Contact Area Test Site : Single, Dual, Quad sites (in-Line)
Test Head Area : 550 mm (from socket center), Height: 1,000 mm (900/1, 100mm option)
 Index Time   0.5 sec (excluding Tester communication time)
Jam Rate 1/8000
Applicable Tray JEDEC 135.9 mm (W) x 315 mm (L)
Applicable tray thickness : 7.62mm, 12.2mm
Category 6 categories (3 Auto, 3 Manual)
Binning 16 bin signal for TTL
Contact Force Max. 50 kgf (accuracy ± 1 kgf )
Temperature Operating Mode : Ambient
  High Temperature (Option)  

Operating Mode : 40℃ ~ 150℃* (Heating Time: within 30 min.)
Accuracy : Contact Head ± 3 ℃, Pre-heater ± 5 ℃

Active Thermal Control System (Option) Operating Mode : 40℃ ~ 150℃*
Accuracy : ± 1 ℃

All specifications are subject to change without notice.

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