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Model 58173-V VCSEL Test System
Chroma 58173-V VCSEL Test System  

Key Features

  • Complete wafer map generation with localized or remote post-processing.
  • Ability to generate datasets compatible to INK or Die Sort Processes.
  • Ability to handle broken wafers or singulated die.
  • Capable of handling 3" or 4" VCSEL wafers natively, no modications necessary.
  • Several modes of operation, including fully manual or automated.
  • High speed VCSEL wafer indexing.
  • Ability to handle singulated probes or fully configured probe cards.
  • Fine resolution CCD scanner. Can be used for automated wafer alignment or individual die photographs.
  • Temperature controller capability.
  • Accurate and Fast 4-quadrant SMU source for full VCSEL Sweep Characteristics.
  • Complete Characterization Capability
    • L-I-V: Light, Current, and Voltage
    • ITH: Threshold Current
    • IOP: Typical Operating Current
    • VF: Forward Voltage
  • Breakdown Characteristics
    • Kink: Output Power Linearity
    • Rollover: Output power reduction as forward current is increased
    • Spectral: Peak wavelength or Spectral Bandwidth
  • Various options for other non-chip form factors for correlation measurements and gauge studies
Data Sheet
Product Details

58173-V ApplicationsChroma is a world leader in LED Wafer characterization and test systems. The addition of the 58173-V to Chroma’s product line, designed for VCSEL wafer characterization and test, extends this lead. Able to be user-configurable, this platform can be run in several modes. Manually driven, to be used in R&D and QA for individual or group complete device characterization and validation or automatically in a fully automated mode for rapid production test. There are also various mechanical adapters to enable the use of other package types.

The Chroma 58173-V system is suitable for a wide range of wavelengths, from visible to long wavelengths (500~1600nm) by selecting the respective optical modules & software settings. With the use of an integrating sphere as the main medium of output power collection, along with a database of pre-dened or custom algorithms, the system gathers all necessary data from the VCSEL DUT. It may be as simple as singular data point measurement or output power or as complex as a fully detailed LIV sweep. The system is capable of real time limits calculation to display pass/fail criterion or perform a full suite of post processing tests once the raw data is gathered.

The Chroma 58173-V is available with a wafer chuck suitable for 3" and 4" VCSEL wafer substrate diameters. There is an optional temperature controller for a greater degree of test capability at various levels of thermal stress on the DUT.

Leveraging Chroma’s world lead in PXI-Based precision source measure systems, the Chroma 58173-V uses a 52400 series 4-quadrant PXI Source-Measure Unit for both test speed and accuracy. This product has up to 7 current force/sense ranges (200mA max) with a very low noise floor for low level leakage measurements. The fast slew-rate driver enables pulsed measurement from a few micro-seconds to CW for added exibility.

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