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Model 58601 Optoelectronic Source Measurement System
Chroma 58601 Optoelectonic Source Measurement System
Key Features
  • For Burn-In, Reliability and Life Testing
  • Up to 800 channels
  • Up to 150° C
  • Batch processing via device carriers
  • Conversion Kit Interface - change kit for adaption to multiple products

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Product Details


The Chroma 58601 is a high density, precision multi SMU (Source-Measurement Unit) Module with temperature control and exchangeable interface developed for burn-in, reliability and life test of optoelectronic components including laser diodes, LEDs, OLEDs, photo-diodes and other similar components. Each module has up to 80 discrete SMUs which may be used as device drives, device biasing and/or measurement.


Two power levels are offered where discrete SMUs are available at 500 mA or 1000 mA. Multiple current sources may also be paralleled (exchanging the conversion interface board) to support higher power devices.


Chroma brings the Conversion Kit flexibility used in the semiconductor industry to optoelectronics. Through a Conversion Kit (conversion interface board & device carrier) the Chroma 58601 can be configured to other similar devices in minutes for:

  • High Channel Density
  • Higher Currents (Paralleling Channels)
  • Optical Power Monitoring (Si or InGaAs stabilized detectors)
  • Monitor Photodiode Measurements
  • Dark Current Measurements
  • Component Biasing
  • Discrete Voltage Measurements (Series Drive Configuration)
  • Bypass of Failing Devices (Series Drive Configuration)
  • Multiple Device Types


  • Higher temperatures reduce aging times and provide quicker results while lowering cost by requiring fewer channels.
  • The high density design reduces floor space over other similar solutions.
  • Batch processing is performed through device carriers. Carriers may be used between aging and characterization testing. Software tracks acquired data between all Chroma testing.
  • Same base system may be used for many device types. A Conversion Kit provides quick, cost effective adaptation to prototypes and new products or variation in production.
  • Fine pitch probing for aging of small sub-assemblies prior to expensive packaging.
  • Hot swappable power supplies eliminate this type of failure mode while reducing MTBF / MTTR.
Uncertainty Accuracy
± (% value + offset)
Random Uncertainty
Component Types
Laser Diodes, LED, SLED, OLED, MPD, Photo-Detectors 
Package Types
CoC, TO-Can, C-Mount, Custom
Wavelength Monitoring
390 nm - 1700 nm
Devices Per Module
1 to 80 each*
Carriers Per Module
2 each (typical)
Microprocessor Controlled
Data Sample Time
10 sec - 48 hrs
Internal Nonvolatile Memory
500 KB
Ethernet - TCP/IP
Change Kit Device Adaptability
Virtually Unlimited
User Site Calibration
With Calibration Board & DMM
Internal Water Leak Detectors
Device Temperature
40° C to 150° C**
-052 (500 mA)
500mA Current S/M Range
500.0 mA
0.1% + 100 uA
100 uA
500mA S/M Resolution
18 uA
500mA Voltage S/M Range
± 5.000 V
0.1% + 1 mV
1 mV
500mA Voltage S/M Resolution
175 uV
-M52 (500 mA +)

(-052 plus optional ranges for photodetector measurements)
Current 2 Range
2 mA
0.1% + 1 uA
400 nA
Current 2 Resolution
70 nA
Current 3 Range
200 uA
0.1% + 100 nA
40 nA
Current 3 Resolution
7 nA
Current 4 Range
20 uA
0.1% + 10 nA
4 nA
Current 4 Resolution
700 pA
-013 (1 A)
Current S/M Range
1.000 A
0.1% + 200 uA
200 uA
S/M Resolution
36 uA
Voltage S/M Range
± 5.000 V
0.1% + 1 mV
1 mV
Voltage S/M Resolution
175 uV
Modules Per System  
1 to 10 Modules
Systems Per Server
1 to 4 Systems
System Thermal Deviation
± 5° C
System Internal Power
Chroma 62000B High Rel, Redundant, Hot Swappable Power Supply
Water Leak Shut Down
System Level (optional)
Power Requirements
208 3-Phase VAC
187 to 250 VAC
Water Temperature
18° C to 20° C
Water Flow (per Module)
6 Liters/Min
Ambient Temperature
23° C ± 5° C
Ambient Relative Humidity
< 60 %RH
Rack Size (HxWxD)
~84" x 19" x 36"

All specifications are subject to change without notice.

* Number of devices based on device type, measurement features and form factor.
** Device Temperature range dependent on device type and power.
*** Designed for up to 16 DUT in Series. Discrete device voltage measurement at 175 uV resolution.

Device Bypass for series configurations available for some power levels.

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