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Laser Diode Test & Automation Solutions
Laser Diode Test and Inspection
Model 58620
Laser Diode Characterization System
  • Full Turn-Key Automated Test for edge and surface emitting laser diodes
  • High precision and large capacity carrier, interchangeable with other automated equipment
Model 58602
Optoelectronic Source Measurement System
  • Burn-In, Reliability and Life Testing
  • Up to 6912 Channels
  • Up to 20A per device
  • Up to 150°C
VCSEL Probe Tester
58173-V Laser Diode VCSEL Test System
Model 58173-V
VCSEL Laser Diode Wafer / Chip
Test Prober

  • Fine resolution CCD scanner with precision wafer mapping
  • High-speed automated prober
  • Wide spectral range for both power and wavelength measurement
Benchtop Test Systems
Model 52400 Series
Four Quadrant Source
  • High & programmable voltage / current slew rate 
  • Low output noise 
  • High programming / measurement speed
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