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Model 17100 Battery Formation System
Energy Recycling
Key Features
  • Initial Contact and polarity check
  • Single Step Charge: Constant current (CC) to set voltage, then Constant Voltage (CV) to set current.
  • CC discharge to set voltage, then reset to stand-by mode. (with ERM energy recycling)
  • End of charge / discharge selectable as Time, Voltage, Current or Amp-hour.
  • Discrete channels yielding individual testing through the complete formation process.
  • Data Sampling up to 20x per min.
  • Data Logging of: Time, Voltage, Current, Capacity (Ah), and Temperature.
  • System Safety / Test Reliability through PLC / IPC monitoring of all sensors (Temperature, smoke, device type and battery tray position)
  • Systems are linked as a LAN offering
    remote monitoring and control.
  • Up to 99 test steps per formation process
  • Data backup on power failure provides quick operator startup when power is restored.
  • Automated handling and sorting available.

Data Sheet

Product Details

Chroma ATE’s 17100 Formation Station was designed for the greenest operations as it has two key attributes (patent pending) which allow for savings of up to 40% on the operational electric bill.  The first feature is an intelligent battery voltage tracking circuit which significantly increases the efficiency of the linear charging circuit minimizing waste typically discarded as heat.  The second feature recycles the cell discharge energy back to the system’s DC bus where the energy is effectively used to run the station and charge adjacent cells.  Reducing electricity demand means an instant ROI as the facilities power distribution and cooling infrastructure is diminished.

Discharge Energy Recycling Lithium Cell Formation System

Chroma 17000 series is specifically designed for the formation of Lithium Ion and Lithium Polymer secondary batteries.The 17000 series is a complete turn-key system, including carrier trays, robust battery probe contacts, high quality charge/discharge modules and intuitive software all under computer control.

Patented Battery Voltage Tracking

(BVT) DC-DC conversion power modules minimize power consumption in battery charging, and Energy Recycle Modules (ERM) recycle the discharged energy directly back to the DC power system for increased power efficiency. These power saving designs provide a planet friendly solution along with cost savings by reduced energy consumption.

The intuitive software provides a flexible selection in charge / discharge channel, current rating, and modules under test. These features allow the Series 17000 to be used for final cell development, pilot line production, high volume production and Ongoing Reliability Monitoring / Quality Control.

Modular Design

Plug-in modules maximize uptime while simplifying service and maintenance. (Hot-Swappable DC Power Supply and the Charge / Discharge Sub-Systems Shown.)


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