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Model 17030 Regenerative Battery Pack Test System
Model 17200 Charge/Discharge Tester


Key Features
  • Supports high power battery certification: IEC, SAE, GB, etc.
  • Regenerative battery discharge, Saves energy, environment-friendly and provides low heat dissipation
  • Driving cycle simulator
  • Industry Leading Accuracy
  • 10ms Data acquisition
  • Charge / discharge mode 
    - Constant Current 
    - Constant Voltage 
    - Constant Power
  • Customized rating power 
    - Voltage range:10~1200V 
    - Current range:0~1000A 
    - Power range:90~350kW
  • System Integration: 
    - Chamber Control 
    - Multi-channels voltage/temperature measurement (Max 192CH) 
    - BMS Communication

Data Sheet

Product Details

Chroma's 17030 is an automated regenerative test system specifically designed for high power battery pack tests. Accurate power sources and measurements ensure test quality suitable for repetitive and reliable testing of crucial battery packs. Applications include incoming inspections capacity validation, production and certification testing.

Chroma's 17030 system architecture offers regenerative discharging designed to recycle the electric energy sourced by the battery pack. This feature saves electricity, reduces the facilities costs, reduces the thermal foot print and provides a green solution by reducing the environmental impact to the planet.

Chroma's 17030 system include a driving cycle simulation function. Since automotive battery packs are used at quick and irregular intervals, the 17030 incudes the capability to create seamless transitions between maximum charge and maximum discharge (or maximum discharge and maximum charge) with a rapid 50 ms conversion.

This feature allows for charge/discharge mode simulations of real world driving scenarios. The system simulates the real conditions on the battery pack in its working condition.

Chroma's 17030 system has exible programming functions and includes Chroma's powerful Battery Pro software. Battery Pro is a user friendly software environment allowing for the creation of a wide range of test scenarios from basic charge and discharge to complex drive cycle testing. Battery Pro's features allows quick and intuitive test development to eliminate the need for tedious scripting or programming by a software developer.

There are multiple safety features built into the 17030 including battery polarity checks, overvoltage protection, overcurrent protection and over temperature protection. In the unlikely event of a power or computer communication loss, the data is securely stored within the system in non-volatile memory thereby protecting against potential data loss and allowing for continuous ow after restart.

System Features

  • Regenerative battery energy discharge
    • Low heat out
    • Reduces air-conditioner power consumption
  • THD is under 5% at rated power
  • The PF is over 0.9 at rated power
  • OVP/UVP/OCP/OTP/OQP protection
  • Wire loss protection
  • Data logger data (Option)

Regenerated Power Consumed


Software (Battery Pro)

The 17030 test system is specifically designed to meet various requirements for testing high power battery packs with a graphic and friendly software platform. Charge and discharge protection aborts tests when abnormal conditions are detected. Extra memory is set for testing data recovery when power failure.

Recipe Editor

Driving Cycle Simulation

FUDS test cycle

  • 255 charge/discharge steps
  • Dual layer loops (Cycle & Loop) with 9999 loops per layer for setting
  • Maximum charge and discharge current switch with minimum 10ms
  • Testing step:CV/CC/CP/CC-CV/Waveform current/DCIR
  • Cut-off conditions (time, current, capacity, cut-off voltage, cut-off current, etc.)
  • Next step:Next/End/Jump/Rest

Testing Data

  • Generate the detailed report and step report
  • Report analysis function: users can decide the parameters of the X and Y axes in line for creating customized report. Such as Life-cycle report, Q-V report, V/I/T-time report…etc.
  • Diversified reports & charts: real-time report, cut-off report, X-Y scatter chart report

Driving Cycle Simulation

The battery pack always is used at quick and un-regular current condition. The system simulates the real condition on battery pack by working condition simulator.

  • Import dynamic charge/discharge waveforms to simulate the DRIVE CYCLE or the actual application.
  • Support Excel (xls) format
  • There are 720,000 points of driving profile memory to save the waveform current in each channel.
  • Minimum Δt:10ms

System Integration
Integrates to thermal chambers, data logger and BMS communication interface. Full function control per charge/ discharge profile or results (customized service)

  • BMS communication interface : Collecting BMS data to control charge/discharge profile and protection setting
  • Data logger : Collecting measured battery cell voltage and temperature to control test procedure and protection setting
  • Thermal Chamber : Synchronizing temperature control with charge/discharge profile

System Integration

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