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Model 17416 Veritas Battery Analyzer
Model 17011 Regenerative Battery Pack Test System


Key Features
  • 50 ppm measurement accuracy
  • CE, DCIR, and ACIR measurements
  • Built-in EIS (50 mHz to 20 kHz)
  • High sampling rate (1 MHz)
  • Custom waveform simulation
  • Temperature monitoring
  • BMS communication
  • Simple GUI and advanced Python
  • Mix and match channels
    • ± 10 V / ± 1 A
    • 0 to 5 V / ± 6 A
Data Sheet

Product Details

The Veritas Battery Analyzer provides industry-leading accuracy and precision for a range of electric-mobility, electrochemistry, research, and related applications. A single chassis provides up to 16 mix and match channels with full potentiostatic and galvanostatic control. Each channel can conveniently measure coulombic efficiency (CE), DCIR, ACIR, EIS and battery temperature; model ESR; communicate with/control a BMS; and perform custom waveform testing. This enables continuous measurements without changing test programs and/or equipment.  

High Accuracy Measurements
Industry-leading accuracy and precision can detect early signs of cell degradation that conventional test equipment may miss. Tracking minute coulombic efficiency (CE) losses can help accelerate the prediction and modeling for the overall lifetime of a cell with fewer test cycles, potentially yielding definitive data in days vs. months or years.

Advanced Software Package
A simple and intuitive Graphical User Interface (GUI) allows quick setup for running basic charge/discharge test programs. Sample test programs to measure CE, DCIR, ACIR, and EIS are also included. Advanced test programs can be defined through Python scripting. The software provides data acquisition, management, and analysis in convenient standard formats. Custom charge/discharge waveforms can be imported to simulate application-specific use cases.

High Sampling Rate
A measurement sampling rate of 1 MHz captures critical transient cell behavior that is often lost with slower sample periods.

Flexible and Scalable Form Factor
The compact and modular 3U form factor saves valuable lab benchtop space and allows users to select up to 16 channels per chassis. An optional rack-mount kit allows the flexibility to expand to 8 chassis (128 channels) per standard 19” rack.


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