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Model 3260 Automatic System Function Tester
6 Sites
Model 3260 Automatic System Function Tester
Key Features
  • Reliable high-speed pick & place handler
  • Tester zero waiting time
  • Gull wing package capability
  • No socket damage
  • Air damper for contact balance
  • Feel-free robot teaching and alignment
  • Auto contact force learning
  • IC-in-socket protection
Data Sheet

Product Details

Chroma 3260 is an innovative handler for high volume/multisite IC testing at system level. It is capable of handling packages of various types including QFP, TQFP, BGA, PGA, etc. The handler uses pick and place technology to pick up devices from JEDEC trays, move them to the test site, then move them to the appropriate bin after test. It features a 90-degree device rotation which is required for various pin one orientations.

Chroma 3260 can test up to 6 devices in parallel at high temperature with ATC (Auto Temperature Cooling) ranging from 50 ˚C to 125˚C.



  • Quality Improvement
    • IC is tested in a real working environment. This process ensures the out-going quality level and reduces DPPM
      after shipment.
    • Compatibility issues can be checked by this approach.
    • Human errors can also be eliminated.
  • Shorten Time to Market
    • With ASFT support we can ship tested samples in quantity before ATE test program is ready. This typically shortens time to market from months to weeks.
  • Cost Reduction
    • As long as we adopt the ASFT, customers no longer need high-performance expensive ATE hence reduce overall cost of test.
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