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Model 3280 xSD Card Tester and Handler
Key Features  
  • Tester & Handler Integration
  • Test 120pcs micro SD in parallel
  • Test-in-Tray, no pick & place arm before sorting
  • UPH = 5400 with 70 sec test time
  • SD Protocol Aware Tester
  • DC Measurements
  • 32MB Buffer Memory per site
  • Microsoft Windows XP OS
  • Software provides tray map and binning information
  • Compact Size: 164cm X 79cm X 180cm
  • Options: 
    - 3rd party test tools 
    - Change Kits for mini SD, SD and MMC 
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Model 3280 xSD Card Tester and Handler

Product Details

The Chroma 3280 is an innovative integration system for testing and handling SD cards in parallel without picking any part before sorting. SD Protocol Aware and Focused DC tests in the 3280 brings a revolutionary test methodology to all SD cards (including MMC). The benefit to customers is lower manufacturing cost from the high throughput of the 3280. The compact size of 3280 also saves floor space in the manufacturing facility.

The cost sensitivity involved with consumer products challenges traditional final test methodology. To reduce the cost to consumers, manufacturers must recognize the fact that SD cards are built upon Known Good Die (KGD). This recognition will narrow the tester's focus to assembly related defects rather than retesting KGD. A new focused tester that tests for assembly will be smaller and less expensive than traditional solutions. That smaller size then allows for more parts to be tested in parallel in a reduced area, further reducing the unit of test cost. Additionally, the high yield of SD cards using KGD leads to a small footprint Test-in- Tray mechanism. This integrated combination of tester and handler with a reduced footprint facilitates low cost solution of the Chroma 3280.

Chroma 3280 provides a high throughput solution to SD cards manufacturers 

Test-In-Tray provides the most efficient method to move DUTs from input site to test site without the use of a pick-and-place arm. The average index time from input stack to test hive about 10 seconds for 120pcs micro SD cards.

High Parallel Test 

A Test Hive is integrated into Chroma 3280 which provides the capability to test 120pcs micro SD cards simultaneously. Typically, it takes 70 seconds test time for 120pcs 1GB micro SD card.

Pick Up Reject SD card Only

By using the Test-In-Tray and high yield SD cards, the Chroma 3280 only picks up defective devices from the sorting tray to the reject tray and replaces the good devices from the buffer tray to the sorting tray. Assuming a 98% yield rate only need to be removed 2~3 devices from the sorting tray. Therefore, the average sorting time is less than the average testing time. That also enables the testing and sorting to be concurrent, so sorting will be completed before testing.

Firecracker II 

The design circuit of the Firecracker II is identical to a single test circuit (Fire Channel) in the test hive of the Chroma 3280. The Firecracker II provides a very convenient tool for generating a test program off line. Users can plug in micro SD, mini SD, SD and MMC devices on the left side of the cartridge. USB connector is located at the right side of the Firecracker II which can be connected with a USB cable to communicate with a portable device such as a notebook computer.

Test Coverage 

SD Protocol Aware Tests

  • Check CID Reg
  • Check CSD Reg
  • Check OCR Reg
  • Check SCR Reg
  • Check SD Status
  • Functional Test
DC Measurements
  • Open/Shorts
  • ESD Diodes
  • Power Up Idd
  • Leakage
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