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Model 33020 PXIe Programmable Device Power Supply

Model 3650-CX SoC Test System

Key Features

  • High channel density with 8 channels per card
  • -6V~12V independently programmable voltage level
  • Max. 250mA (500mA at 6V) current per channel
  • Parallel current gang feature providing max. 4A output per card
  • 16-bit voltage programming resolution
  • 18-bit measurement resolution with accuracy up to 0.01%
  • Very fast settling time for best throughput
  • Programmable voltage and current protection clamping
  • External trigger input and output for high speed test synchronization
  • Semiconductor grade CRAFT-PXIe software
  • LabView and LabWindows support
  • Master/Slave architecture for boards chaining
  • Compliance pattern and timing structure with Chroma 3380 series

Data Sheet


Product Details

Addressing the testing needs for all types of semiconductor components

The world is pushed to change by the advance in semiconductor technologies. This is the time when artificial intelligence meets 5G, when autonomous cars meets big data analysis, with everything consolidated into a portable device. Semiconductor test systems need to be transformed to a new era where all sorts of features needs to be integrated into a tiny system. The emerging PXIe based platform provides a good viable path to fulfill the needs in the new era. Chroma's PXIe Semiconductor Test Solutions give our clients a versatile workplace to complete the semiconductor test while integrating functional instrument modules from different suppliers.

Semiconductor Test Class Device Power Supplies without compromise

Chroma 33020 PXIe based programmable power supply card is a highly integrated power supply module that comes with everything you need for semiconductor test. It has the highest density of 8 independently programmable DC voltages from -6V to 12V at 250mA or 6V at 500mA with programmable voltage and current clamping. The outputs can be ganged together with output current up to 4A. For semiconductor test applications, those device power supplies also come with 16-bit force voltages levels and 18-bit measurement voltage resolution at 500ksps sampling rate that provides superior accuracy. Device set up time is also greatly improved with a settling time from 50uS to 500uS to achieve the highest test speed needed.

Proprietary Software, CRAFT and other rich features of software support

In addition to supporting the LabView and LabWindows environment, Chroma provides a proprietary software suite, CRAFT. CRAFT, running on Microsoft Windows operation system, contains the full set of tools for semiconductor test from test program development, debugging, production and maintenance. The production tools include easy-of-use GUI software such as Operator Interface, Test data output, Binning and Sequence Control, Wafer Map, Summary Tool, and rich sets prober/handler drivers. The user debugging tools includes the Datalog, Plan Debug, TCM, Shmoo, Pattern Editor, Waveform, etc. It also supports LabView and LabWindow environment and a subset of debugging tools are provided. In addition, a third party CAD to ATE pattern conversion tool is also supported to cover the WGL/STIL/VCD/EVCD conversions.


Focused Applications
  • MCU and consumer SoC
  • MEMS & Sensors: Light sensors, Temperature sensors, Pressure sensor, Magnetic sensors, Gyro, Accelerometers
  • Automotive 48V Power Systems
  • RF: Switch/Front-end module IC, connectivity (bluetooth, WiFi, combo,etc.), mobile IC


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