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Model 58000 Series Modular Cyclic Voltammetry Analyzer
Key Features
  • 8 to 40 SMU Analyzers channels in one chassis
  • Four-Quadrant Operation (Research) / Two-Quadrant Operation (Production)
  • High Source/Measurement resolution (multiple ranges)
  • Low Output Noise
  • High Bandwidth (100ks/s)
  • DC/ARB/Digitizer all in one
Data Sheet

Product Details

The Chroma 58000 Series Cyclic Voltammetry Analyzer is a high density, precision Multi Source-Measurement Unit (SMU) Analyzer with modules supporting both research applications as well as manufacturing environments provides precision sourcing and measuring DC voltage and current into (source) or out (load) of a DUT by integrating up to 40 advanced Source Measurement Unit Instruments providing the features of a Current Source, Voltage Source, DMM, ARB, Digitizer and Data Logger.

The 58000 provides a chassis with up to five (5) Modules supporting either High Precision Research or High Density Production Modules.

The Research Module offers 8-Channels (40 SMUs total) of high performance, four quadrant, 18-bit SMUs ideal for lab analysis. This module operates in Constant Voltage, Constant Current and Constant Resistance Modes. Other features are a 100KHz Bandwidth supporting many key battery tests including Aging, DC and Pulsed Charge/Discharge, OCV, ACR and DCIR all with the same test channel eliminating the need for multiple instruments and related switching systems which could cause measurement errors.

The Production Module offers 16-Channels (80 SMUs total) of two quadrant (source or load only), 16-bit SMUs accurately supporting basic high volume manufacturing operations. This module operates in Constant Voltage and Constant Current Modes. These basic yet powerful features include Aging, DC profile Charge/Discharge and OCV.

The 58000 Series system utilizes Chorma’s intuitive and powerful GUI software to create test programs and perform data analysis all through LAN or LXI Compliant communication.

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