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Photonics Array Wafer Probing Test System Model 58635 Series
Key Features
  • References: ISO/IEC standards
  • Up to 6" wafer
  • Wide range and precise temperature control
  • Support both pulse and CW operation
  • LIV test : Model 58635-L
    Near Field test : Model 58635-N
    Far Field test : Model 58635-F
  • Support multisite testing

Data Sheet




Product Details

As the photonics device technology is getting mature, its applications are also getting wider. Among them, for example, laser diode has expanded the application to consumer products besides the primary communication fields. To cope with this new market, Chroma has developed a series of laser diode wafer testers, the 58635 Series, specifically designed for consuming applications utilizing its proprietary photoelectric measurement technologies accumulated for years.

The 58635 Series can test maximum 6" wafer and meet the stringent requirements of laser diode testing when coupled with Chroma's precision equipment, such as SMU (source and measurement unit) and temperature controller. As the parameters of photoelectric characteristics for laser diode are varied with temperature, the precision temperature control of 58635 Series is able to provide the most stable and accurate measured value.

The 58635 Series comprise three types of models for different test requirements, which are 58635-L, 58635-N and 58635-F.

LIV Measurement

Using the accurate and stable current source and voltage measurement functions provided by Chroma with integrating sphere and spectrometer, the model 58635-L is able to provide accurate measurements for light power and wavelength. All LIV and wavelength related parameters could be measured through the software equipped with complete test functions.

Near Field Measurement

The 58635-N is able to provide precision and fast measurements on laser diode for its beam propagation ratio or beam quality to comply with the ISO standards for laser near field test.

Far Field Measurement

The 58635-F tests the laser diode for its far field optical characteristics such as laser emitting angle. Accommodating with the IEC eye safety standards, the 58635-F can find the strongest spot of the beam from the far field and identify if it complies with the human eye safety standards.

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