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Model 7660 Display Multi-probe ATS
Key Features
  • Multiple dots non-contact luminance and chromaticity measurements for color display
  • Wide luminance range: 0.1 to 9999 cd/m² (0.029 to 2918 fl)
  • High accuracy measurement
  • Support LCD, PDP and various types of flat panels
  • Support 2, 5, 9, 16, 25 sensors measurement simultaneously with fast speed
  • Able to store 200 channels of calibration data
  • Available test items: Luminance, chromaticity, color temperature, luminance uniformity, chromaticity uniformity and contrast
  • Exclusive test software that can be programmed by user with high flexibility and operation efficiency
  • Multiple Pre Test modes: Y, xyY, TΔuvY, u' v' Y, XYZ
  • Pre Test function provides user a single step to track the reading of each sensor in real time
  • Test results can be saved and output automatically for statistics analysis
  • Supports Bar Code Reader input
  • Supports remote control functions
  • Support UUT control function to monitor UUT's status before/after test
  • Able to work with white balance auto alignment system to integrate the optical test stations into one single station

Data Sheet

Chroma 7660 Display Multi-probe ATS



Product Details

Chroma 7660 Display Multi-Probe ATS adopts the design of non-contact type measurement with the sensor that complies with CIE 1931 and CIE1976 UCS color matching function can measure the luminance and chromaticity uniformity of display panels accurately. Developed with the most advanced digital signal processor and the technology of optoelectronic transfer as well as precision optical parts and circuit design, the probes are able to perform high speed, accurate and stable color tests.

Chroma 7660 Multi-Probe Measurement Software is structured on the OS of Windows XP for graphics operation. The comprehensive and easy to use interface design not only improves the test efficiency effectively but also reduces the human cost for manufacturers. Users can execute all programmed measurement items within a short time by pressing one button when a Video Pattern Generator is integrated. In the mean time, the acceptance and archive are determined automatically as well.

To satisfy different requirements from user, Chroma 7660 provides the user-defined test items that can be edited as need. The “Pre Test" function provided by control software allows users to monitor the readings of each sensor on every pattern in real time for analysis. Chroma 7660 has the function of selfcalibration that makes the system maintenance fairly convenient and reduces the succeeding calibration cost effectively.

When the presentation of light chromaticity becomes a key factor for display products, the identification of color has to be standardized and more efficient. As the technology and products of flat panel displays have turned into the mainstream in the market today, the consistency of product quality and the improvement of production efficiency as well as the reduction of cost are the competitions of all manufacturers. Chroma 7660 with excellent capability is the device of best choice for gaining and increasing competitiveness.

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