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Manufacturing Execution System


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Manufacturing Execution System (MES)

Manufacturing Execution System - MESChroma Manufacturing Execution System (MES) is able to utilize various kind of electronic equipment to collect the manufacturing data on-site, and can use diverse electronic display devices to inform operators in real time to accomplish objective management and paperless production.

On-site Management

For on-site management, it integrates the operation data of each task from many factory units such as material, production control, manufacturing, quality assurance and warehouse so that each unit can rapidly get the required information for operation to improve the production efficiency, product quality and customer satisfaction. Tthe data collected by employees from any place, anytime, can be logged to facilitate the management of employee accountability.

Data Inquiry & Analysis

For data inquiry and analysis, Chroma MES is an effecient automated manufacturing management application. Its stable and fast data collection mode is able to provide real-time and accurate analyzed figures such as production line work in process (WIP), yield rate, defective rate, repair analysis, QC analysis, real-time abnormal condition alarm, batch return report and shipment analysis. Users can query the information they want from any place in the world through a web browser.


Chroma MES is a modulized application that allows users to select appropriate modules as per factory's requirements and convert data from enterprise resource planning (ERP). Whether it is batch management (lot number management) or stock keeping unit management (serial number management), Chroma MES is capable of providing a complete solution to fulfill customer requirements.

Customer Service

The system provides a variety of required product information such as components warranty, shipping date and address to provide real-time information for after sales service as well as customer communication.

The main functions of Chroma Manufacturing Execution System (MES) includes fail-safe manufacturing process, incoming material retracing, real time productivity and yield rate analysis to help customers reduce the management cost and increase efficiency. It can considerably assist the enterprise in receiving sales orders. Contact us for more information.

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