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LCD / LCM Testing Instruments


LCD Shorting Bar Pattern GeneratorFrom array, cell to module, the LCD process first goes through a series of chemical, physical processes and assembly procedures followed by carrying driver IC, circuit board and backlight units to form an LCD Module.


Aside from Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamp (CCFL), low voltage, long life, mercury-free LED Back Light Units are a new trend in today’s LCD technology. When in the cell process of an LCM testing solution, various defects can be inspected by shorting-bar signals and repaired with lasers. Based on the panel sizes and backlight features (CCFL or LED BLU) in the LCM process, the tests of LCM voltage, current and power can be used to analyze an images lit pixel, dead pixel, color and resolution with both software and hardware using a video signal source plus programmable power supply administered by a user-friendly PC interface. This solution not only incorporates an automatic conveyor production line, but also utilizes integrated network management for data collection and analysis.

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LCM Testing Products
Model 27013
LCM Tester
  • LVDS Signals support 
    - 1 / 2 / 4 Channel output 
    - Color depth 6 / 8 / 10bits 
    - 2 output port 
    - Pixel rate up to 330MHz
  • Resolution up to 2560x1600
Model 2916
LCM Tester

  • LCM signal and power source test systems
  • LVDS 4 channel output
  • LVDS pixel rate Signal 150 MHz, Dual 300 MHz, 4 Link 600 MHz
  • Resolution up to 1920 x 1080 / 240 Hz
Model 27011
LCM Tester
  • LVDS / TTL (Optional) / TMDS (Optional) output
  • Pixel rate up to 162 MHz
  • Display size up to UXGA
  • 64 patterns library
  • 16 programs
Model 27012
LCM Tester

  • Support LCD TV Module Testing
  • LVDS signals output
  • TTL (Optional) signals output
  • Pixel rate up to 162 MHz
  • Display size up to 1920X1080 @ 60Hz
Model 29130/29132/29133/29135
Model 29133 / 29135
  • For full HD measurement (29133/29135)
  • True Color computer base LCMTesting
  • LVDS/TTL(OPT)/TMDS signals support
Model 58162
LCD Shorting Bar Pattern Generator
  • High Slew Rate
  • Strong Driving Capacity
  • 0-255 step waves output
  • Auto discharge
  • 12 Source Output
  • 8 Gate Output
Model 67300 series
DC Power Supply for LCM Burn-in Applications
  • Three models: 
    67322 5V / 100A 
    67346 12V / 90A 
    67366 24V / 50A
  • Hot-swappable
LCM Aging Products
Model 27010 series
LCM Pattern Generator Card
  • LVDS / TTL (Optional) output
  • Display size up to WQXGA 2560x1600 @60Hz max
  • Data Clock: Single 135MHz / Dual 270MHz / 4 Link 330MHz max
  • Data Bits: 6/8/10bit programmable
ATS Products
Model 7660
Display Multi-probe ATS
  • Multiple dots non-contact luminance and chromaticity measurements for color display
  • Wide luminance range: 0.1 to 9999 cd/m² (0.029 to 2918 fl)
  • High accuracy measurement


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