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Test Systems
Model 58212-C
LED Mapping Probe Tester Model
  • High speed and accuracy
  • Lateral, vertical, and flip chip
  • Wide power test range (up to 200V/2A)
  • Up to 8 inch wafers
  • Chroma® Huge Photo Detector
Chroma 58601 Optoelectonic Source Measurement System
Model 58602
Optoelectronic Source Measurement System
  • Burn-In, Reliability and Life Testing
  • Up to 6912 Channels
  • Up to 20A per device
  • Up to 150°C
Model 58620
Laser Diode Characterization System
  • Full Turn-Key Automated Test for edge and surface emitting laser diodes
  • High precision and large capacity carrier, interchangeable with other automated equipment
Chroma 52411 Dual Independent & Isolated Source Measure Unit
Model 52400 Series
Four Quadrant Source
  • High & programmable voltage / current slew rate 
  • Low output noise 
  • High programming / measurement speed
Model 58221
LED Electrical Test Module

  • Focused on High voltage (HV) and High Power (HP) LED application design
  • Hardware sequencer/ program memory / data memory built inside
Model 54100
Advanced TEC Controller
  • Bidirectional driving with 300W (27V/12A) and 800W (40V/20A) output
  • Filtered PWM output with > 90% driving power efficiency
Model 58154
ESD Test System
  • Two Model ESD Pulse Generation : Human body model and Machine model
  • Programmable Auto Test : Pulse delay, cycle and polarity are programmable
Series 51101 / 51101C
Thermal/Multi-Function Data Logger

  • Models with 1, 8, and 64 channels on-line data recording.
  • Support B, E, J, K, N, R, S, and T type thermal couples
Inspection Systems
Chroma 7935 Wafer Inspection System
Model 7940
Wafer Chip Inspection System
  • Simultaneous double side color inspection
  • 6" wafer / 8" inspection area
  • Automatic wafer alignment
  • Wafer shape / edge identification
Chroma 7935 Wafer Inspection System
Model 7935
Wafer Inspection System
  • Maximum 8 inch wafer handling capability
    (10 inch inspection area)
  • Unique detection algorithm can be replaced or added for
    different customer or model
Model 7661A
Optical Micro Display Test System
  • Optical tests
  • Automatic DUT Handler
  • Class 1000/10000 Options
  • SMART Factory Compliant
  • Flicker Measurement & Adjustment
Model 7505-01
Multi-function Optical Profiling System
  • 1D, 2D and 3D measurement capabilities
Model 7503
3D Optical Profiler
  • Up to 0.1 nm height resolution for measurement
  • Use white light interference measurement technique to do nondestructive and rapid surface texture measurement and analysis
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