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Chroma officeFounded in 1984, Chroma is a world leading supplier in Automatic Testing Equipment (ATE), including electronic tests and measurement equipment and systems, for various ICT industries. Chroma also provides integrated and customized turnkey solutions through Test and Measurement Instruments, Automatic Test Systems and Manufacturing Execution Systems.

The focal points of Chroma are tests and measurements on power electronics, passive component, electrical safety, video & color, LCD/LCM, automotive electronics, and semiconductor industries. More importantly, Chroma also drives itself toward clean technology by providing turnkey test solutions in photovoltaic, advanced battery & storage, LED, electric vehicles, electronic paper and other ongoing new eco-driving industries.


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Turnkey Solutions

To fulfill the need of complete test solutions from the market, Chroma not only provides test & measurement instruments, but also integrates with automated systems and manufacturing execution systems as a turnkey solution, which brings more value and service to the customers and helps customers in terms of time saving, cost saving, and one-stop full service.


A History of Innovation

Consisted by large percentage of R&D engineers, Chroma puts large investment in research and development each year to ensure its leading technology. Core technologies in power electronics and optics have been the cornerstones for Chroma to drive forward to various new frontiers to provide innovative test solutions with precision, reliability, and uniqueness.


Locations Worldwide

With our US headquarters in Irvine, California, we are driven to provide better service, unique solutions and technical support to help our US customers excel in today's high demanding environment. It is our absolute commitment to deliver the best solution to meet all your power requirements. Our existing product line includes Automatic Optical Inspection Systems, Battery Formation systems, LCD / LCM Test Solutions, Photovoltaic Test & Automation Equipment, Video Testing Instruments, Semiconductor /  IC Test Solutions, and PXI Test Instruments and Chassis.

Our facility is fully staffed with both software and hardware engineers capable of providing complete sales and technical support, including repair, calibration and other technical assistance. If you have any question regarding Chroma ATE's products and services, please call us or simply fill out our online inquiry form and our sales representatives will contact you shortly.

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