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Model 52912 / 52914 Programmable DC Power Supply

Chroma 52912 / 52914 Programmable DC Power Supply

Key Features
  • Dual Isolated outputs; 0-48 VDC/ 2 A MAX / 60 W, programmable
  • Direct Universal AC input via front panel (Model 52914)
  • External Trigger function
  • Programmable current limit
  • Over voltage, over current and short circuit protection
  • Remote Voltage Sense
  • 16 Bit read back voltage and current at output
  • Supplies can be connected in series or parallel

Data Sheet

Product Details

Chroma 52912/52914 programmable DC power supplies are designed specifically for test applications that demand precision output voltage/current and tightly coupled measurement capabilities. Chroma 52912/52914 provides you a good return on investment. The versatile design and world-class performance of Chroma 52912/52914 make them ideal for a broad range of design and production applications in markets as diverse as communications, semiconductor, and components manufacturing.

Measurement Function

In operation, the measurement capabilities include quickly setting I/V and then measuring I/V automatically without processor intervention. 52912/52914 has hardware built sequence list that can execute command and store data in FIFO without processor action. With the tight integration of a Chroma 52912/52914, you'll get high speeds for high throughput and high measurement accuracy and repeatability for yield integrity.

Power Levels

The 52912/52914 Programmable power supplies provide two independent and isolated 60 W (MAX) supplies, and each channel is programmable from 0-48VDC to a maximum of 2.0 Amps. The 52912/52914 include programmable current limit to protect critical UUT's from excessive current, output will automatically switch into constant current mode when limit is reached. For greater power or voltage applications, channels can be connected in series.

Input Power

To avoid excess power draw from the PXI backplane, the 52912 draws input power (+56VDC) via front panel connections. This approach not only minimizes power required from the backplane but also maintains complete isolation between backplane logic and power conversion circuitry for noise immunity. For applications where +56VDC is not available, Chroma 52912 provides an optional AC-DC adapter which allows the instrument to be operate from 100~240VAC mains. Chroma 52914 incorporates the AC-DC converter circuit on board. Universal power (100~240VAC) is applied to the front panel directly in order to produce the dual isolated programmable outputs.

Compliant to PXI and cPCI Standards

The 52912/52914 Programmable power supplies comply with the latest PXI Revision 2.0 specifications of the PXI System Alliance (PXISA) as well as the CompactPCI specifications as defined by the PCI Industrial Computer Manufacturing Group (PICMG). Thus, the 52912/52914 may be used in either PXI or CompactPCI mainframes.

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