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Photonic Wafer Probing Test System Model 58212-C
Chroma 7935 Wafer Inspection System
Key Features
  • High speed and accuracy
  • Lateral, vertical, and flip chip
  • Wide power test range (up to 200V/2A)
  • Up to 8 inch wafers
  • Chroma® Huge Photo Detector
  • Unique edge sensor
  • Patented probe head
  • Robust Z-Axis stage
  • Wafer mapping algorithm
  • External light shielding enclosure
  • Analysis tools and statistical reports

Test Items

  • Electrical parameters: 
    - Forward Voltage Measurement (Vf ) 
    - Reverse Breakdown Voltage Measurement (Vrb) 
    - Reverse Leakage Current (Ir) 
    - SCR detection
  • Optical parameters: 
    - Optical power (mw, lm, mcd) 
    - Dominant Wavelength (Wd) 
    - Peak Wavelength (Wp) 
    - Full Width at Half Maximum (FWHM) 
    - CIExy - CCT - CRI

Data Sheet



Product Details

The Chroma 58212-C features an automated LED wafer/chip probe tester, delivering fast and accurate LED measurements with test times less than 125ms *1.

The system can be modified to support different LED structures including Lateral, Vertical, and Flip Chip designs. Integrated scanners provide autonomous wafer mapping to guarantee precision testing. The patented probe head prevents device scratches and ensures solid contact with every LED.

Chroma's unique design acquires and analyzes optical data such as the dominant wave length, peak wavelength, and CCT. Additionally, it provides essential electrical data such as forward voltage, leakage current, and reverse breakdown voltage, all in one test step.

The 58212-C includes a user-friendly graphical interface and advanced logic algorithms to significantly increase production efficiency. Comprehensive statistical reports and analysis tools allow for easy control and mass production management.

Note *1 : Test condition: under 300um sample pitch, 5 electrical test parameters and 1 optical parameter. Due to differences in LED characteristics, the measurement results may vary.

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